Creating with Clay

Working and creating with clay can be an interesting and therapeutic artistic experience

Clay is such a wonderful medium to work with. It allows us the joy of creating a functional piece pottery from the very beginning, while learning and developing skills.

As a Ceramic Artist, I love my craft and the work I am able to create.
A huge part of my love affair with clay has been sharing and passing on the techniques that I have learned in my journey.


This weekend workshop is spread over a Saturday and Sunday from 10.00am to 2.30pm
Learn the basics of centring, throwing and trimming your own creation. Once completed and dried, I will fire and glaze your pieces in a glaze of your choice.
Samples will be available for your selection.

Cost: £215.00
Price includes; clay, both bisque and glaze firing, glaze materials and of course , lunch
Term 1 commences 22.02.2020


An 8 session group workshop available either Tuesday, or Thursday, 10.00am to 12.30pm. Learn the principals of Hand Building from Pinch Pots to Coiling and Slab work. This is a great introduction into the Joys of Creating with Clay. Learn under-glazing and glazing techniques to create great pieces for you to enjoy for years to come. These are flexible classes and can be worked around your schedule over the year, so that you can learn at your pace.

Cost: £125.00
Maximum class size is 4
Price includes; 1 x bag clay, both bisque and glaze firings, glaze materials.
Morning tea/coffee provided.
Workshops available 21.02 to 30.09.2020


Created for those who want to to continue their clay journey after taking a workshop. The studio will be available Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.30am to 2.30pm
I will be in the studio to offer guidance and support. This is a great way to improve your skills and develop your own style. This is an open door session with no pressure to attend every week. Simply fit the studio time around your schedule.
While the focus is on Hand building, there will be wheel time available for those who want to improve their throwing skills.

Cost: £18.00 per session
Maximum 4 students per session
You will need to provide your own clay and contribute towards glazing and firing costs.
Clay is available from the studio.
Open studio available 21.02 to 30.09.2020